About C.Japan

Who we are:


We are a very small business in Japan just I, Hayaki and wife, Akiko dealing with coral supplies and Japanese Akoya pearls.

We established TONE INC in October 2023 and many of our inventories come from our previous company. Prior to creating this shop, we have been selling at Marketplace Etsy from 2019. 

As just two of us do all the work of posting, messaging, and shipping as well as some domestic work, please understand that it is difficult for us to do custom orders nor reply to many of your requests.

Our Mission:

Price of coral materials has sored these recent years due to extremely high demand from China and scarcity of high quality bigger size coral materials. Please understand that it is very difficult for us to restock the coral supplies now at the price we are selling now. Many of our inventory are from our past business when coral materials were much cheaper. 

Also the price of Japanese Akoya pearl has sored these recent years due to extremely high demand from China and scarcity of Japanese Akoya pearl due to the pandemic's impact on oyster cultivation and mass mortality of pearl oysters.

So now it is becoming difficult to use those supplies easily for making accessories and jewelries.

We try to deal with middle to lower range Akoya pearls and Coral supplies from our past coral business, and also try to sell in small quantities so that many people can enjoy making their accessories and jewelries.

Our items:

Coral - Basically comes from Japanese coral association and our previous coral company. Corals we deal with are not prohibited and all of them we sell cross-border are not under CITES.

Pearl - Basically comes from auction held by Pearl association in Mie prefecture, Japan.