Frequently asked Questions & Answers

Are there discount coupons?

We provide the following coupons:

Discount: Coupon, 10% off when you spend US$300
(Discount will be applied to original price only - not to sale price)

Please enter the above coupon code at your checkout. Discount will be applied.


How many carat is this coral loose? Care instructions of coral

We write the weight in grams for many of the coral loose.
Please calculate as follows:

1 carat = 0.2 gram
1 gram = 5 carats

gram / 0.2 = carat

Care instructions:
Corals loose luster from acids like your sweat.
Use soft dry cloth to wipe your sweat off after usage.
We attach a small polishing cloth for natural color precious corals.
Please use the cloth when the corals start to loose luster.
(Not recommended for color treated corals.)

For more details:

You can also purchase the polishing cloth `Polimall`(ポリマール)from this page.

What is the grading of the pearl? Do we string or add clasp to the pearl?

We do not provide grading of the pearl.

We don't have grading scale like AAA, AA in Japan.

We don't write how the luster and blemishes are because that caused a problem as seller and buyer have different point of view for scaling.

Please see the photos for the luster and blemishes.
You can magnify the photos.

We do not string or add clasp to the pearl.
Please see the answer to the question: Do we make jewelries, string necklaces or bracelets, or drill holes?

Is the coral natural color or dyed? Is the Akoya pearl natural color or enhanced?

We write "natural color" for natural color corals.
We write "colored" for dyed bamboo corals.

Basically our precious corals are natural color.

Almost 100% of Akoya Pearls undergo bleaching procedure to remove blemishes. However, bleaching also affects the original pink overtone of White Akoya Pearls that gives their beauty. Most White Akoya Pearls are tinted to restore their natural original pink overtone after bleaching.
-We do not mention about this enhancement on the description of white, cream, yellow Akoya pearls as it is common and accepted in pearl industry.

For non-color enhanced Akoya Pearls of all colors, we write "Natural color".

We write "colored" for color-enhanced blue/silver, gray, black/peacock Akoya pearls.

Import taxes, customs duties, VAT (Value Added Tax) and GST (Goods and Service Tax)

When a package is shipped internationally, it may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. Generally, these fees are hard to predict for us and the buyer is responsible for these fees.

For more details please read About Import taxes, customs duties, VAT (Value Added Tax) and GST (Goods and Service Tax).

Do you make jewelries, string necklaces or bracelets, do custom and personalized orders?

We do not string necklaces or bracelets. We basically sell by strands.

Basically all we do is simple gluing of stud earrings and bails for pendant (mainly silver and gold plated silver).

We do not make jewelries (smith work) like making rings, etc.

We do not do custom and personalized orders.


Can you ship to my country? How long does it take for delivery?

Please read our Shipping policy page.

Can you drill a hole or full hole?

Half drilled hole: 1 needle machine used

-We can drill a half drilled hole of Φ0.8, 0.9, 1.0, or 1.2mm for coral or pearl beads.
-For other coral loose and branches, we can only drill at flat part of them.

Full hole: 2 needle machine used (drill from both sides)

-We can drill full hole of Φ0.8, 0.9, or 1.0mm for coral and pearl beads.
-We can drill only same diameter full hole to already half-drilled coral or pearl beads. (up to Φ1.0mm)
-We can drill Φ0.7mm full hole for coral branches that are straight on top part.
(Winded branches cannot be set stable to the machine.)
-We can not drill full hole to other shaped loose, carvings or carved figures. (They cannot be set stable to the machine.)

●We cannot drill for any other stones.

Do you provide certificates?

We do not provide certificates.

It is possible to ship the item to Gem Laboratories and get Japanese or English written certificate for Coral, Pearl or Gem.
It takes time and cost (Approx. a week).
Please purchase from this page.
(The price includes shipping to and shipping back costs from gem laboratory, and paying the total cost through the carrier)

What are types of coral?

We sell:

1. Precious coral - natural color coral which have been used for jewelry from past old times.

Japanese Aka (red) coral
Mediterranean red coral
Pink Momo coral (Angel skin coral)
Momo coral (Orange color coral with white core)
Miss coral (South China Sea pink coral with angel skin color)
Deep sea coral (some pink, few angel skin color, some mix of orange, pink and white)
White coral

2. Sponge coral - Called Apple coral or African coral
Usually resin is added to harden softness of these coral.

3. Bamboo coral - Also called "sea bamboo".

White bamboo coral - non-dyed, sometimes bleached.
Red and pink bamboo coral - colored

For more details: